Our Story




Kreated2Natural is a home-based e-commerce specialty skincare formulator and distributor. We sell products to directly to our consumers. This business is owned and operated by principal investor Keyonna Love. Keyonna has a strong knowledge-base in biological sciences and the effects of natural and synthetic products on skin.

Kreated2Bnatural was official launched in 2020, however, Kreated2BNatural is a product that came out of a dark moment in my life. That’s right,  this product was not something I developed just to sell. I was escaping my reality. Attacking my depression. Disconnecting from all the stress of my life. Boy, I tell you it was the breakthrough I needed. Unknowingly for sure! 

Kreated2BNatural was founded  in 2014  ago in my bedroom while watching YouTube. I was in a really indifferent space and things just seemed to be at a standstill in my life. So, to escape reality, I would watch YouTube and was obsessed with DIY. Guys, I was determined to grow my hair to my waistline (Still a goal on my list).

With that being said, so many natural bloggers were speaking about using whipped Shea Butter in their hair and how it assisted with moisture and hair retention.  I made a batch and it was Bomb! It was nice, fluffy and really moisturizing, however, it was too heavy for my hair. My hair did not do well with it and so I started using it on my skin. I have always had dry flaky skin and I have tried numerous lotions that all seemed to work temporarily but none that actually made a significant difference.

Since that day of trying it on my skin, my skin has been much softer, not as dry as it used to. I don’t have to use as much product as I used to. It has its own natural glow. I mean it really just been up from there.

Over the past 5 plus years, I have continuously used it personally, on my son's skin. I have given it to family, friends and coworkers. They all loved it. Surprisingly, I did not see what it could be, only what fear made me believe. It was a house project, nothing more. Nobody would want to buy this. The self-doubt and fear were real. The small voice of insecurities was loud.

However, my love for creating was bigger. Me knowing that this product could really benefit that woman, that man, that child who has had to deal with dry skin all their lives was so great that I persevered. Throughout that time, I researched, I developed and formulated my whipped Shea butter.

And Now I am presenting her to you.  May she adorn your skin and add everything you need. If you take nothing else away from my story, understand this: Your darkest hours are only there to help create and define the light you will stand in. Don’t be afraid of the dark, the hurt, or the pain. Embrace it, embody it and create through it.


Until next time,

Keyonna Love

Ceo and founder of Kreated2BNatural